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Age Verification FAQs

Will the AV stop porn on YouTube and social media as well?


Age-verification applies only to commercial pornography providers, even if the content is offered for free. If the site attracts revenue through advertising or it sells premium ‘paid’ content, it is classed as commercial. Therefore, AV will not change the way YouTube and social media platforms operate (unless they link to noncompliant pornography sites, in which case, they will be requested to block these sites or introduce AV).

That said, there are increasing calls for platforms such as YouTube, social media, apps, and gaming sites to design their platforms responsibly and respond to technology pitfalls with technological solutions. Safety by Design standards are being developed by the Australian Office of the eSafety Commissioner to “assist industry to embed user safety into technologies from the early stages of development by adopting tools to help children and young people navigate the online world in a safe way.” In the UK, the NSPCC has called for internet companies to be governed by minimum standards that safeguard children such as safe accounts with default privacy settings. In addition, 2019 will see OFCOM coordinating regulators from around the globe “to protect the public from online harms on social media platforms, many of which are based in the U.S.”

Measures are likely to include filtering of harmful content and responding to harmful conduct swiftly. It is expected that improvements made on any of the platforms, would not be limited to a region, but rather, benefit children around the world.

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