Therapeutic Solutions

Therapeutic Solutions

Therapeutic Solutions form one component of four within our eChildhood Public Health Approach. Therapeutic Solutions are a vitally important component of a Public Health Approach. Through conversations with victims and professional support services, it is apparent that shortfalls exist in knowing how to deal with the fallout of pornography harms on children and young people. Therapeutic environments currently have limited or no frameworks, support or guidance to effectively deal with this issue.

Therapeutic solutions encompass:

eChildhood Public Health Approach

An Evidence-based Recognition Framework looks at the bio, psycho, social harms of pornography through documented research outcomes. It entails a holistic understanding of how pornography disrupts and harms the social, sexual, emotional, mental, physical and relational development of children and young people. This framework then informs the professional therapeutic and allied health interventions required to address the harmful attitudes, behaviours and injuries which have arisen.

Treatment Provider Support involves engaging peak professional therapeutic bodies (psychological, counselling, social work and allied health) with a view to developing policies, procedures, and best-practice treatment protocols. Technology and the online world is evolving rapidly, and resulting harms of pornography are emerging in new forms. As such, there exists an opportunity to create a peak body to regularly review changing trends and advise government and key stakeholders on updated and optimal therapeutic approaches.

Treatment Protocols inform the training and development of therapeutic professionals and ensure that they are equipped to effectively assist individuals, families and communities with the process of recovery and healing. These would include evidence-based, best-practice therapeutic approaches and clear guidelines on how to provide ethical guidance to children and young people who may be addicted to pornography, as well as those who engage in problematic sexual behaviours. Governed by a national peak body, these protocols would reflect current legislation and trends.

Restorative Processes involve both Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices. Restorative Justice is a process involving the primary stakeholders (victims, those who harm and their communities of care) in determining how best to repair the harm experienced. Restorative Practices are not limited to formal processes, such as restorative conferences or family group conferences. They range from informal to formal— aiming to develop community and manage conflict and tensions by repairing harm and building relationships. Defining Restorative Processes with pornography harms at the centre is something that requires exploration and development.

Parent, Carer & Victim Support involve resources, services and professionals that support families faced with managing the mental health and other harms consequent to pornography. There is a current shortfall in access to resources, services and professionals. Also, there's a lack of awareness of those that do exist. The development of these should be an administrative and funding priority of government at all levels to ameliorate the burden currently carried by individual parents, carers and victims of the harms of pornography.


There are many factors to explore within the Therapeutic Solutions space, including defining best-practice terminology. For instance, “perpetrating” is not a preferred term when referring to children and young people affected by pornography. Instead, the problematic sexual behaviours sometimes displayed by such children and young people should primarily be framed within evidence-based harms. There exists an opportunity for a review of the existing research covering the entire therapeutic domain and to collaborate internationally to explore best-practice solutions developed and implemented elsewhere. With the support of the Australian eChildhood Protection Coalition and the Global Protection Coalition, Therapeutic Solutions are currently being advanced in consultation with key stakeholders and experts from around the world.

Therapeutic Solutions form one component of four within our eChildhood Public Health Approach. Detailed in the 2019 eChildhood Report, KIDS AND PORNOGRAPHY IN AUSTRALIA: Mobilising a Public Health Response, the eChildhood Public Health Approach presents a positive framework to be enacted in consultation with key stakeholders and supporters.

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