The fightback against porn

The fightback against porn

Sex educator Liz Walker, author of Not For Kids! Protecting Kids Online, believes Katherine and Jacie represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to young women turning away from sex.

‘The only winners when it comes to pornography are the people making money out of it as an industry,’ she says.

‘And that’s a message we need to get across to children at an early age in their classrooms.

‘I’m so tired of hearing a politically correct approach to pornography that tries to normalise every sort of sexual behaviour as being okay.

‘We can’t be politically correct when it comes to violent and abusive mainstream pornography because it’s actually destroying our kids’ understanding of sex and relationships.

‘We need to teach young people that hardcore pornography is violent, it’s objectifying and it’s not in any way conducive to a loving relationship or gender equality.


‘Not only are young people growing up in a hyper-sexed porn culture, they often miss out on learning skills to develop loving relationships. Face-to-face communication, romance, mystery, play and navigating the normal ebb and flow of day-to-day challenges, is replaced with shallow connections based on porn-inspired comparisons and sexting.

‘Porn producers reduce something that has the potential to be incredibly enriching to a meaningless orgasm. If young people have no other understanding of healthy relationships, pornography can completely rob them of the ability to enjoy emotional intimacy.’

‘We must educate them to the fact that porn is manufactured and has nothing to do with sex in the real world. It tricks the brain into arousal — I’ve spoken to young men who’ve admitted they are horrified by what they’ve watched and the fact that it turned them on.

‘Then of course you’ve got young women saying, “if this is what sex is, then I don’t want any part of it”. Who can blame them?’

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