eChildhood calls for Safer Internet Day Every Day in Public

eChildhood calls for Safer Internet Every Day in Public

When kids first gain access to mobile devices, it’s common for parents to save money on phone plans and provide the bare minimum of internet access. After all, kids don’t need to spend hours on the internet every day, right?

Many parents carry out due diligence in the home with implementing effective filters, and sometimes on devices as well. Others find the whole process completely overwhelming and don’t know where to begin.

So, what about the times when there are no filters on devices? Or when kids access the internet on their laptop and connect to public WiFi? Parents should have confidence that there’s additional digital child safety buffers in place, such as public friendly WiFi. But often, that’s simply not the case.

WiFi in public spaces can be – and should be – filtered of online pornography. And now in Australia, they can be. Digital Friendly WiFi is an independently certified safe WiFi standard that allows businesses to take control of the quality of WiFi service they provide, thereby giving peace of mind to parents and families.

“Whilst internet safety is a priority at home and school, parents aren’t always aware of the risks facing children when they are out and about.”       ~ Carolyn Bunting, General Manager, Internet Matters

Digital Friendly WiFi helps businesses by enhancing their brand reputation. Accredited businesses gain access to a high-impact logo and promotional material that differentiates their brand – members of the public know that when they connect to their WiFi, they won’t stumble on anything problematic. Digital Friendly WiFi helps kids by keeping them safe from harmful content, and by keeping them away from vulnerable situations where they could be subjected to graphic and troubling content. Digital Friendly WiFi helps parents by giving them peace of mind that free WiFi provided by libraries, shopping precincts, chain restaurants and other spaces, is safe for their kids.

“The Friendly WiFi logo should act as a beacon of reassurance that WiFi in public places meets minimum agreed standards.”       ~ Emma Hardy, Director of External Relations, IWF (Internet Watch Foundation)

eChildhood has partnered with Digital Friendly WiFi to raise the safety standards of your public WiFi experience. You can help your local neighbourhood become safer for kids in 3 easy steps:

  1. Ask your local council, café and shopping precincts if they filter their free WiFi to protect kids from adult content such as pornography.
  2. Let them know why it’s important to you that they show commitment to wellbeing and child safety by providing SAFE WiFi.
  3. Provide eChildhood with contact details of the person at your council, café or shopping precinct, and we will do the rest!

A SAFE WiFi symbol provides you with certainty that what can be accessed by yourself or your kids is filtered, and offers assurance that your browsing experience is protected. With your support and action, in the near future you will see this symbol at a location near you - giving you confidence that when you connect to public WiFi, it’s safe for kids. For the protection of our kids, Safer Internet Day should be every day in public spaces.

“It’s very reassuring for parents to know that when they see the Friendly WiFi logo they can allow their children to go online in safety.”       ~ Claire Lilley, Head of Child Safety Online at NSPCC