Safeguard Your Home

Safeguard Your Home

There are many apps and individual measures you can take to block pornography in your home and on each device by using home filters, device apps and parental controls. 

Many filtering platforms, apps and controls have charges associated with them, whilst others are available at no cost. Take the time to compare features and decide what is best for you and your children’s safety. eChildhood recommends Family Zone to help you maintain peace of mind when your kids are online, by ensuring every member of the family uses the internet safely.

Home filters, device apps and parental control features may include:

  • Blocking (blacklisting) access from harmful websites or applications and whitelisting others
  • Filtering different kinds of content, including adult only materials such as pornographic sites
  • Monitoring calls/SMS, social media, GPS location and contacts
  • Setting internet or device usage time limits
  • Reporting on sites accessed, the length of time visited, and frequency of access
  • Flexibility to change settings for each child’s age and stage of development

Implementing home filters, device apps and parental controls should always be accompanied by regular conversations with your children - just because your home and devices are a safe place, doesn’t mean other homes are as vigilant. Additionally, the school yard, public transport or spaces within broader community are places where your child will inadvertently gain free and easy access to hardcore pornography.

Other safety measures that can currently be implemented within Australia include Opt-In blocks at ISP level and adopting safe search measures. To learn more about using child-friendly search engines and protecting devices, access information from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner iParent Search Safely webpage. Additionally, Safe Surfer is another highly effective platform that acts as a gatekeeper for your family's home Internet connection. This service operates on all devices that connect to the internet using your home broadband or wi-fi and can be set up quickly and easily.

  • If you or your child comes across sites that you believe to contain prohibited online content, please report it to the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner.
  • If you or a child you know has been a victim of inappropriate behaviour online, please report it to the Australian Federal Police. For example, adults who you believe are acting inappropriately with or towards a child - these reports go directly to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Currently, families across Australia individually arrange for their own protection to content that most don’t want their children to see. eChildhood believes that this measure does not adequately comply with the laws and the needs of society for protection. Stand with us to see updated legislation for prevention of children’s access to pornography through the implementation of the full range of Digital Child Protection Buffers by adding your voice to our pledge. Their Future. Your Voice.

We also welcome tax-deductible donations to further our work and see children grow up free from the harms of pornography, confidently building thriving relationships.