Pubescent boys report being ‘addicted’ to porn

Pubescent boys report being ‘addicted’ to porn

The_Courier_Mail.jpeg By Lauren Martyn-Jones

BOYS of just 11 and 12 are calling Kids Helpline worried they have already become addicted to pornography.

The support line’s counselling manager Tony FitzGerald said boys who were exposed to online pornography early in life also appeared to be more at risk of developing unhealthy and compulsive viewing habits.

“It is happening young – we are not talking about older teenagers here, we are talking about boys anywhere between 11 and 15,” Mr FitzGerald said. “They are contacting us ­because they know that something is not right about their addiction to pornography.

“We’ve seen a disproportionate number of contacts from young males around this sort of thing.

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