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Porn sites in UK to introduce age-verification measures - Australian government under pressure to follow suit


The registered charity, Porn Harms Kids, calls upon the Australian Government to introduce age-verification measures for porn sites 


Under new laws announced by the British Government, pornography websites serving the United Kingdom could soon be forced to prove viewers are adults.

In a statement last week, the government said that by April 2018, anyone in the U.K. looking to access online pornography will have to prove they are an adult. Pornography sites will be forced to verify users’ ages via their credit cards to prove they are over 18, or may be banned in Britain.

The aim is to prevent children from being exposed to pornography online as it can have damaging effects on their development.

John Carr, Supporter of the Digital Economy Act, Secretary of the Children’s Charities Coalition on Internet Safety, is well situated to advise Australia on how to establish legal requirement for websites with adult content, to ensure it is safely behind an age-verification control.

Chair of Porn Harms Kids, Liz Walker, states “The Australian government has a duty of care towards protecting its children from pornography harm and should immediately introduce a system to stop children accessing adult material on their phones, iPads and computers.”

Porn Harms Kids is calling upon the Australian Government to stand by their commitment as signatories to the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child, and exercise their responsibility to protect children by introducing age verification process. Pornography is a social problem and must be addressed at a governmental level. Age-verification is a digital child protection buffer that has the potential to create a greater level of safety for our children in the current technological environment. Free and easy access to graphic and extreme content is not acceptable. 


Interview opportunities:

Chair of Porn Harms Kids, Liz Walker liz@pornharmskids.org.au 0438 124 780

Board Director of Porn Harms Kids, Tamara Newlands tamara@pornharmskids.org.au 0402 025 905

John Carr, Supporter of the Digital Economy Act, Secretary of the Children’s Charities Coalition on Internet Safety

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  • Australia under pressure to force porn sites to introduce age verification
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Wed 2 August 2017


Porn Harm Kids is a registered health promotion charity that addresses the harms of children and young people accessing online pornography in Australia. Age-verification measures to prevent access to porn sites by children is one component of the Digital Child Protection Buffers advocated for by Porn Harms Kids. If you would like to see porn site age-verification implemented in Australia, add your name to the Porn Harms Kids pledge and spread the word. Our kids deserve a world where children can grow up without being psychologically harmed by accessing graphic, violent pornography online.

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