Our Team


Chair: Vincent Nair

Vincent Nair is an accomplished business leader, entrepreneur, and mentor. His professional career spans over 28 years working for Fortune 500 companies in senior executive positions. He is an experienced Board Director and Board Chair with cross-jurisdictional enterprise governance expertise in complex markets across Australia and Asia. Vincent is currently the Chairman and CEO of global innovative technology firm SMARTECH Business Systems Asia (formerly Pitney Bowes Asia). As the Chair of eChildhood, Vincent has a keen interest in implementing innovative measures that keep children safe from harm as they use technology today and into the future.

Executive Director: Tamara Newlands

Tamara Newlands is a sexuality educator, speaker, consultant, Executive Director of eChildhood, and is currently studying in the field of holistic sexuality education. Tamara has a proven track record in developing and delivering sexuality and relationship education for schools, parents, and youth. Tamara’s corporate background is in international HR, Project Management, Business Management, and Culture and Financial Services. Tamara’s expertise extends to human development, rites of passage, sexuality education, strategic planning, and successfully running her own coaching business for the past 8 years.

Treasurer: John Scro

John Scro has extensive experience in accountancy - both in corporate and international taxation services. Holding previous roles in public accounting and professional services firms, he is currently in a commercial role with an Australian listed company. John is a Member of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and has a Bachelor of Business from the University of Technology Sydney. John is passionate about the importance of children enjoying a happy and full childhood without exposure to the harmful effects of pornography. 

Board Director: Kristin Bengtsson

Kristin Bengtsson is a human-centred people and business leader, driven by purpose and passion for the organisations she represents. She has worked in the field of marketing for over 20 years, building brands and stimulating customer and user engagement for a wide variety of organisations and sectors. She facilitates digital marketing courses for the Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA). She is a mother of young school-aged boys, whose childhoods she intends to protect as they navigate our digital and connected society.

Secretary: Position Vacant


Board Director: Stuart Palmer

Stuart Palmer is an experienced executive within the telecommunications and transportation industries with a specific focus on the leadership of technology organisations. Stuart is the Business Development Director for a transportation technology provider. Stuart is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has held a number of non-executive directorships including a digital transformation start-up and an industry peak body. Stuart is passionate about the use of technology to maximise the protection of children and young people from pornography.


eChildhood Ambassadors are expert professionals and thought leaders in their field, passionate about addressing the harms of pornography and being a voice to support and protect Australia’s children.

Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital health, wellbeing and productivity experts (and mum who also deals with her kids’ techno-tantrums!) She’s the author of Raising Your Child in a Digital World, a speaker, media commentator and digital wellbeing researcher, who doesn’t suggest that we ban technology. Kristy translates the latest research on the impact of digitalised childhoods and adolescence on young people into essential information and practical strategies for parents, educators and health professionals.


eChildhood Expert Advisors are outstanding leaders in their individual fields of expertise and make themselves accessible to our Executive Director and Board Members in order to increase our current knowledge, collaborative efforts and ensure laser-sharp focus of initiatives. As we push forward to achieve our strategic plan and implement measures that improve children and young people’s safety, health and wellbeing outcomes, mental and physical health outcomes, and decrease vulnerabilities to exploitation through research, education, legislation and digital solutions, we rely on the expert advice of those who have trail-blazed this path before us, or who have exceptional skills relevant to our mission.

Virginia Gordon Michael-Flood.jpg

Virginia Gordon is a public affairs and policy specialist, with significant expertise in broadcasting, copyright, technology, media and the law. She has significant experience in strategic thought leadership and provides advice to senior management and boards. 

Dr Michael Flood Michael-Flood.jpg

Dr Michael Flood is an Associate Professor and an ARC Future Fellow (2015 – 2018), tenured at Queensland University of Technology. His research agenda focuses on gender, sexuality, and interpersonal violence. Dr Flood’s research at present is focused in particular on interpersonal violence and its prevention, particularly with reference to men and masculinities. Dr Flood has published widely on topics including violence against women and violence prevention, men and masculinities, profeminist men’s advocacy, male heterosexuality, fathering, and pornography. He has made a significant contribution to scholarly and community understanding of men’s and boys’ involvements in preventing violence against women and building gender equality. 

Dr Brian Babington

Dr Brian Babington is Chief Executive Officer of Families Australia, a national, not-for-profit body that advises the Australian Government on ways to assist vulnerable families and children. He is Convenor of the National Coalition on Child Safety and Wellbeing, an NGO and academic coalition that works to support the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020, Australia’s first-ever plan to tackle child abuse and neglect. Among other achievements, he established an social venture to advance Indigenous leadership, as a diplomat represented Australia at four UN General Assemblies, and authored a book on managing personal adversity. He serves on the Boards of Plan International Australia and Communities@Work (ACT).

Dr Rachel O'Connell Rachel-OConnell.png

Dr Rachel O’Connell, founder & CEO of  Trust Elevate and The Trust Bridge, is one of the preeminent authorities on electronic identification and age verification and is the author of a technical standard entitled PAS 1296 Age Checking code of practice, published by the British Standards Institution. Rachel was the fifth person to join the start-up social networking platform, Bebo. In 2000, Rachel set up the Cyberspace Research Unit, at the University of Central Lancashire and secured funding from the European Commission to establish and operate the first UK Internet Safety Centre (2000- 2006), which was based at the Cyberspace Research Unit. Rachel’s PhD examined the implications of online paedophile activity for investigative strategies.

Dr Caroline Norma Caroline-Norma.jpg Dr Caroline Norma is a Lecturer in the Master of Translating and Interpreting degree in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies. In her research, Norma applies a gender analysis to the practice of translation and interpreting, and examines the gender-related problems arising in the professional practice of interpreters working for migrant women accessing sexual assault, domestic violence, trafficking and child protection services in Victoria, Australia. Caroline’s work also examines policy approaches to prostitution, trafficking and pornography in Australia and Asia. Dr Norma provides expert commentary on public policy, prostitution, pornography and trafficking in Australia and further afield.
Dr Gail Poyner D-Gail-Poyner-square.png

Dr. Gail Poyner is a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in treating adults, adolescents and children who struggle with pornography addiction. Treating an ever-growing number of children and teens who view pornography, she also works with kids who have gone on to act out sexually with other children. Given the increase in the number of kids Dr. Poyner has seen over the years, as well as research into how pornography harms children, she strongly believes that porn use is a public health crisis of an epidemic nature. Dr. Poyner is known for her community outreach and public presentations about how pornography harms families, children and society.

Liz Hunt Liz Hunt

Liz Hunt is a Public Relations consultant with over 20 years experience and has worked with some of the biggest global consumer brands and charitable organisations including McGrath Foundation, Amnesty International and WWF. She brings a wealth of knowledge in the consumer arena and is passionate about making a positive difference in society and the world around her through the creation of awareness campaigns that make people sit up and take notice.