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In order to have a comprehensive approach to digital solutions, eChildhood has adopted the term Digital Child Protection Buffers. This refers to the various ways in which pornography harms can be prevented.

Implementing the full spectrum of Digital Child Protection Buffers, as well as legislation & policy solutions, robust education, and therapeutic solutions, means that our children will be protected in all environments from the harms of pornography and supported to heal in instances when harm occurs.

To learn more about each of the Digital Child Protection Buffers, and what the current and proposed digital landscape in Australia looks like, click through the menu on the right side of the page.


Currently, families across Australia individually arrange for their own protection to content that most don’t want their children to see. eChildhood believes that this measure does not adequately comply with the laws and the needs of society for protection. Stand with us to see updated legislation for prevention of children’s access to pornography through the implementation of the full range of Digital Child Protection Buffers by adding your voice to our pledge. Their Future. Your Voice. We also welcome tax-deductible donations to further our work and see children grow up free from the harms of pornography, confidently building thriving relationships.

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Their Future. Your Voice.

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  • A world where kids can grow up without being harmed by accessing graphic, violent online pornography
  • Prevention of children’s access to pornography through digital child protection buffers
  • Updated legislation and education to address pornography as a public health crisis that increases children and young people's vulnerabilities to sexual harms

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