Online Safety

Online Safety

We want our kids to enjoy their childhood, to be free to roam and follow their natural curiously. However, with an ever-evolving online landscape it is hard to stay on top of what we can do to protect and support our kids. eChildhood is here to help you de-bunk the complex environment and digital protection buffers available and support you in your efforts to protect your kids from exposure to online pornography.

There are a number of what we term "Digital Protection Buffers' that can be put in place. It is important to understand however that using one measure like device filtering, will not be enough, as the ever-evolving complex online environment, requires more than one buffer.

Also, the online environment is not governed or set up in one particular way, therefore like in life we need multiple levels of protection. We also need to recognise that protection from the harms of pornography won't simply be achieved by putting digital buffers in place, education is an essential part of the resilience-building skill set for our kids. 

Below is information on what you can do now to help support your kids today:

Currently, families across Australia individually arrange for their own protection to content that most don’t want their children to see. eChildhood believes that this measure does not adequately comply with the laws and the needs of society for protection.

Stand with us to see updated legislation for the prevention of children’s access to online pornography through the implementation of the full range of Digital Child Protection Buffers and advocate for our children

We also welcome tax-deductible donations to further our work and see children grow up free from the harms of pornography, confidently building thriving relationships.