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Porn's distortions need addressing at school, educators argue

Online pornography is how many teenagers are learning about sex leading educators to argue that loving relationships, and how to reject degrading and violent behaviour, should be taught in school.

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Porn, family violence linked to surge in child-on-child sex abuse cases

The number of children sexually abusing other children has risen steeply, with treatment services reporting that pornography and family violence are fuelling the trend.

Children as young as four are being referred to programs for problem sexual behaviour as more parents and schools detect abuse in the family home and in the playground.

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Hardcore internet pornography 'most prominent sexual educator' for young people, experts say

"Some boys or girls, they expect that sex is violent — [that] it is OK to use chains or whips, to hurt someone."

These are the words of a teenage girl, and similar statements are leading experts to warn that internet pornography is fast becoming the primary way young people learn about, and understand, sex.

Thanks to modern technology, pornography has become more accessible and more normal than ever, and sex educator Maree Crabbe says it is a pervasive problem.

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Child on child sexual offences rock schools

Police are being called to Victorian schools three times a week to investigate sex offences that are often perpetrated by children.

The revelation comes amid reports of a surge in the number children sexually abusing other children in the wider community that has been linked by treatment services to family violence and pornography.

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