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Sexual assaults in school due to porn

SEXUAL assaults in NSW schools are increasingly being carried out by juvenile offenders, an analysis of crime statistics shows. 

Children as young as four are displaying sexually inappropriate behaviour, as well as sexually abusing other children. And experts believe pornography may be to blame.

A national symposium next week on the harmful effects of online pornography on our kids will discuss what many experts believe is a “major public health issue” that should be addressed by all levels of government.

Trinity Grammar School.


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Is free pornography destroying our brains?

Schoolkids today are watching porn like never before. It's free, it's instant and it's having a devastating effect.

New Zealand 3D produced an exceptional documentary that’s a must watch for parents and teens. 3D spoke to porn users and porn addicts, as well as as Australian sex educator, Liz Walker, and a top international scientist who say this new type of porn can actually alter our brains.

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Riverina parents seeking help for sexualised children: experts

Easy access to porn is partly to blame for a rise in “sexting” between teens, a leading youth expert has warned.

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Too much, too soon

How do you stop your children inadvertently viewing pornographic images? Melissa Jacob reports on a very modern parental headache.

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Kylie Lang on Sunday: Children and pornography

SO I’m talking to Michael Carr-Gregg, Australia’s top-gun child psychologist, about some of the big issues facing kids today, and the discussion turns to pornography.


It’s not a problem in our house, I tell him; my 15 year old “isn’t into that sort of thing”.

Carr-Gregg pauses, a little too long, then says: “The average age kids are seeing porn today is 11, and by the time boys are 15, 100 per cent have seen violent porn.”

Much as parents might not want to believe the statistics, or fancy that they apply to “other people’s kids”, it’s folly to ignore them.

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Porn's effect on youth 'is catastrophic'

A tidal wave of graphic online pornography was blamed for the 'catastrophic sexualisation' of young people yesterday.

Easy access to extreme material is corroding the lives of children and destroying their innocence, a senior police officer warned.

Chief Superintendent John Sutherland said he has been left speechless by the impact of hardcore pornography available to anyone with a smartphone – and listed a series of violent sex crimes by children which he believes have been fuelled by the internet. 

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Children’s exposure to porn distorting behaviour and expectations

CHILDREN in early primary school years are being exposed to pornography at home and developing distorted values and sexuality, according to sexual assault counsellors.

Disturbing behaviour and expectations, mimicking aggression and extreme acts are leading to harm.

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Porn's distortions need addressing at school, educators argue

Online pornography is how many teenagers are learning about sex leading educators to argue that loving relationships, and how to reject degrading and violent behaviour, should be taught in school.

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Porn, family violence linked to surge in child-on-child sex abuse cases

The number of children sexually abusing other children has risen steeply, with treatment services reporting that pornography and family violence are fuelling the trend.

Children as young as four are being referred to programs for problem sexual behaviour as more parents and schools detect abuse in the family home and in the playground.

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Hardcore internet pornography 'most prominent sexual educator' for young people, experts say

"Some boys or girls, they expect that sex is violent — [that] it is OK to use chains or whips, to hurt someone."

These are the words of a teenage girl, and similar statements are leading experts to warn that internet pornography is fast becoming the primary way young people learn about, and understand, sex.

Thanks to modern technology, pornography has become more accessible and more normal than ever, and sex educator Maree Crabbe says it is a pervasive problem.

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