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AV in the UK - will Australia be next

July 15 is the date set by the UK for age-verification to be implemented on all pornography websites in the UK - eChildhood wants Australia to be next, will you help us get there?

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The true toll of porn from a GPs perspective

A doctor reveals how girls as young as 15 have come to her about removing hair. She says that teenagers don't know how to refuse sexual advances from partners. 

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eChildhood calls for Safer Internet Every Day in Public

When kids first gain access to mobile devices, it’s common for parents to save money on phone plans and provide the bare minimum of internet access. After all, kids don’t need to spend hours on the internet every day, right?

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Kids in the UK win with Age Verification - 2019 Rollout

The UK Government is implementing an Age Verification system to prevent young people under the age of 18 from accessing online pornography. Liz Walker, Director of Health Education at Culture Reframed, explains how the initiative will work. (Liz is also Deputy Chair of eChildhood).

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eChildhood applauds Tumblr for removing pornography

Tumblr has announced they will remove adult content from its platform from December 17, 2018, a move that eChildhood applauds. 

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UK: It’s time for a public health campaign about harmful online porn

The Women And Equalities select committee has published its report on sexual harassment towards girls and women.

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New Research: Porn Leading to Sexual Violence in Youth

It’s hard to fathom how violent porn has become, and what it is doing to our kids and youth.

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Online Child Protection - A Nationwide Approach

We love the hive of activity throughout National Child Protection week. The targeted focus of "Protecting children is everyone’s business", inspired the tagline for our landmark 2017 Porn Harms Kids Report: protecting our kids from online pornography harms is everyone's business.

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Porn addiction with EIGHT year olds

Experts in the field now claim porn addiction is affecting children as young as eight and are uncertain how to solve the problem.

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Essential conversations for every parent about the rape in 13 Reasons Why

It's no secret that 13 Reasons Why is an opportunity for every parent to have a conversation with their teen. 

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