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UK AV announcement is a side-step, not a step-down

As news ripples around the world of the UK side-stepping Age Verification, it’s important to get the facts right. The UK’s announcement is not a step-down from Age Verification but merely a side-step. 

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Australian Government Moves Towards Age Verification

The Federal Government has announced an inquiry into age verification for online wagering and online pornography. We welcome the government's strong leadership on this issue and note the cross-party representation on the committee. This is an important first step and one we must all support to create a safer online childhood for children. The Federal House of Representatives is inviting written submissions, addressing one or more of the terms of reference for this inquiry, to be received by Friday, 25 October 2019. Access the Terms of Reference here

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Child-on-child abuse learnt on the internet

A quarter of all child sexual abuse cases involve another child, new research reveals, with much of the behaviour being learnt on the internet.

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The things our kids are learning

In the discussion about porn, it often seems that adults are speaking on behalf of young people. 

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Urgent action needed to keep our kids safe on the Wild West of the internet

It’s disturbing how our children are being robbed of their innocence every single day by a simple wrong click of a button when surfing the Wild West of the internet without a digital sheriff.

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Problematic sexual behaviour among young children raises concerns for educators

A national survey by University of South Australia researchers has exposed serious gaps in the ability of early childhood teachers, primary educators and carers to identify and respond to young children displaying “problematic sexual behaviours”. 

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Sex, violence and misogyny: We need to talk to our children about porn

What have we done to our teenagers by giving them the means to watch extreme pornography? ...the dark smartphone habit no parent wants to contemplate.

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Lessons from Ireland: Protecting our children from pornography

As reported in the Irish Examiner: The recent conviction of two schoolboys for the heinous murder of Ana Kriegel finally brought to conclusion one of the most unsettling and shocking crimes on this island.

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UK: Minor delays as more countries plan age verification

eChildhood recently shared that July 15 was the date set by the UK for Age Verification to be implemented on all pornography websites in the UK.

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Leading digital wellness expert joins eChildhood

Children and teens are regularly accessing online pornography. It’s one of the biggest and most worrying problems facing parents in the digital age...and it’s not going away.

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