Leading Psychologist joins eChildhood

Leading digital wellness expert joins eChildhood

Children and teens are regularly accessing online pornography. It’s one of the biggest and most worrying problems facing parents in the digital age...and it’s not going away.

Sadly, it’s no longer a matter of if but when your child or teen will be exposed to pornography. But whether they accidentally or intentionally stumble across pornography, the consequences can be devastating for young people.

"I believe one of the most serious issues facing modern parents is children's' and teens' unfettered access to pornography. It’s having an adverse impact on young people’s mental and physical wellbeing and health. Sadly, the problem isn’t dissipating, but is instead becoming more prevalent as access to pornography is growing exponentially."
~ Dr Kristy Goodwin


We are excited to announce....Dr Kristy Goodwin, one of Australia’s leading digital wellness experts, is joining eChildhood as an Ambassador to shine a light on this issue and become a voice for change. Dr. Kristy says that "We need parents, educators and professionals working with children and teens to tackle this issue in age-appropriate ways."

In 2018, the Office of the eSafety Commissioner conducted a survey of parental attitudes and found that:

  • most parents with children aged between 6–17 agreed that it’s best to both deny children access to pornography by monitoring devices and internet access (81%), and to educate them, because they will eventually be exposed to it (69%); and
  • 77% of parents see themselves as responsible for providing this education in the home

But while these stats seem somewhat reassuring, the survey also found that:

...less than half of the parents surveyed reported having actually spoken to their children about pornography at all!

Dr Kristy is adamant that we must not shy away from these issues. "We have to learn what to say and how to talk about this stuff with our kids."

eChildhood is honored to have Dr Kristy's expert voice join the movement and is looking forward to working together to generate more awareness and support for you, our children, teens and community. As a national movement committed to seeing change, together we can prevent the harms of porn, build safer childhoods online and support those already affected.

Parents looking for resources to increase conversations with children and youth can find them on our website. We also recommend that you register for Dr Kristy's FREE Master Class: The Pornography Problem Plaguing Parents In The Digital Age. This webinar replay provides extensive guidance and a comprehensive PDF Summary for download.