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Internet pornography causing long-term public health crisis amongst Australian children, seminar hears

ABC: 9.2.2016 By Danuta Kozaki. The widespread availability of pornography to children and young teenagers is a public health crisis in the making, a national seminar held in Sydney has been told.


The head of the Australian Childhood Foundation, Dr Joe Tucci, told the Porn Harms Kids seminar that the widespread availability of pornography online was shaping children's behaviour.

"Research has shown over 90 per cent of boys under the age of 16 have visited a pornography site online, with around 60 per cent of girls doing the same," Dr Tucci said.

He said a public health crisis was emerging, with online pornography so widely available that it was "impossible for children not to see it".

"You only have to put innocent words like 'love' into Google and it takes you three or four results to get to a porn site," Dr Tucci told the seminar.

"We will see a lot more adults emerging with sexually offending behaviour and sexually harmful behaviour towards others.


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