Internet addiction: are your kids at risk?

Internet addiction: are your kids at risk?

Warning: no warnings here


By Anne Hyland

Television broadcasters are required to issue warnings about content, from violence, sexual material and age appropriateness. Yet anyone of any age can come across porn online. Try googling a children’s nursery rhyme such as Little Miss Muffet and there’ll be a porn video for it.

Rahamathulla believes it’s a “major public health concern” as the internet has expanded the boundaries of childhood into aspects of life that were traditionally considered only part of an adult world.

For those not addicted but instead worried about the narcotic-like properties of online content, and how much time they’re spending on it as well as the fracturing of their attention, experts recommend some simple steps. These include permanently disabling notifications and alerts – or even just for a weekend. Other recommendations include keeping devices away from the dinner table and bedroom, where they take away from human interaction, and limiting the checking of social media to once a day.

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