Government failing to protect children from porn

Government failing to protect children from porn

KIDSPOT: 27.9.2017 By Alys Gagnon. And with experts pointing to a huge rises in concerning behaviours in kids that are directly related to porn exposure, that may be a very big problem.


The Federal Government is failing to protect Australian children from online pornography, according to a new report compiled by health promotion lobby group, Porn Harms Kids.

The report, which says that the harms pornography unleash on children are "undeniable", calls for an overhaul of laws which leave kids with "unfettered access to pornography from any device connected to the internet without a filtering service installed".

The full report is available here.

Harm from porn is on the rise

The Chair of Porn Harms Kids, Brisbane based sexuality education expert Liz Walker told Kidspot that porn leaves children vulnerable to exploitation and grooming among other harmful effects.