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The online landscape is saturated with pornographic content - Education Solutions form one component of four within our Public Health Approach, first detailed in The Porn Harms Kids Report - protecting our kids from online pornography harms is everyone's business.

Parenting children and teens to successfully navigate this space requires purposeful action. We understand how overwhelming this can be, and want you to know that one of the best things you can do for your kids is to have regular and consistent conversations to help them develop an internal filter.

In addition to putting in measures to Safeguard your Home and asking your Federal MP some Pressing Questions, you can also be a safe and reliable source of information for young people.

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  • A world where kids can grow up without being harmed by accessing graphic, violent online pornography
  • Prevention of children’s access to pornography through digital child protection buffers
  • Updated legislation and education to address pornography as a public health crisis that increases children and young people's vulnerabilities to sexual harms

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