Public Friendly WiFi

Friendly WiFi

When out in public and connecting to WiFi, are you aware that many public internet providers do not filter this service? This means that in family restaurants, shopping centres, public library's, council zones and other public spaces, kids and teens can easily access or be exposed to pornography. eChildhood believes that our kids deserve better.

  • We ensure kids and underage youth can't buy alcohol or cigarettes. The providers of these products must ensure their safe distribution, even though a supermarket or bottle shop don't produce this product. In contradiction, pornography is free and accessible.
    • Why? Providers and parents are often not aware that this is occurring. It is an unseen risk faced daily by our kids.
  • Businesses and organisations can be part of the change, and ensure that kids and youth using their facilities are protected by filtering WiFi and letting parents and carers know of this service.
  • It's a simple process. As a parent, ask the manager of the business if the internet is filtered. If not, send them to eChildhood and we can help them set up a safer system for your peace of mind.
  • If you represent a business or organisation, we ask you to join us in being part of creating safety for our kids and setting up Friendly WiFi from your venue. It's very easy to set up and our Aussie kids will thank you for it; go to the link below for more details.

Now available in Australia, Friendly WiFi is a UK government-initiated service and provides the world’s first safe certification standard for public WiFi. The Friendly WiFi symbol tells you where a public/guest WiFi service meets minimum filtering standards (recommended internationally) – particularly in areas where children are present. Approved Public WiFi venues and locations worldwide displaying the Friendly WiFi symbol have proved their service blocks access to pornography, images and videos of child sexual abuse and web pages known by the Internet Watch Foundation to host indecent images of children.

This certification means you can know for sure. Your online experience is safe. Your customers are safe. Friendly WiFi – It's good to know.

Protect kids and support eChildhood to do the same. Friendly WiFi donates 10% to eChildhood for every new business that signs up to show they are protecting Aussie kids.

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