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Age Verification FAQs

Do I need to give my personal details to porn sites?


No. Age-verification will not require consumers to share their personal details with a porn site. In fact, it will potentially provide users with a greater level of anonymity. The companies emerging to provide the verification solutions will verify the age of someone using a number of options such as via the face-to-face purchase of a card, uploading documents online, or other digital measures. The company will then issue the individual a digital token which, in effect, tells the porn company that this individual has been verified as being over 18. That is the only thing the porn company needs to know. Not your name. Not your address or credit card number. Companies selling alcohol and tobacco along with betting companies, will also use the same systems. Having a digital ID will not necessarily single a person out as a consumer of porn.

Some concerns have been expressed about an AV provider called “AgeID,” which is owned by Mindgeek – the same company that Dr. Gail Dines of Culture Reframed has regularly exposed as a porn industry leader. However, even here it should be noted that AgeID is legally constituted as a separate entity from Pornhub; it would be illegal for the one entity to exchange any personally identifiable information with the other without the express consent of the owner of the information.

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