Mobile Device Restrictions

Mobile Device Restrictions

Mobile device restrictions is a Digital Child Protection Buffer that requires every mobile phone number to be an account in its own right (irrespective of the device or handset into which the SIM is installed). Every account is assumed to belong to a child and therefore access to content is restricted unless and until the account holder completes an age-verification measure.

This measure is implemented in the UK and relies upon a self-regulated Mobile Network Code of Practice. This buffer is not available in Australia and would be best supported through the implementation of legislation.

Currently, families across Australia individually arrange for their own protection to content that most don’t want their children to see.  eChildhood believes that this current measure does not adequately comply with the laws and the needs of society for protection. Implementing a Public Health Approach, eChildhood is advocating for updated legislation to prevent children’s access to pornography through the implementation of the full range of Digital Child Protection Buffers.

Would you like to see legislation implemented for a a Mobile Network Code of Practice and SIM restrictions to protect kids in Australia? 

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