2019 Federal Election Action Page

This Federal Election, eChildhood is calling on our political leaders and parties to take action by committing to the implementation of age-verification to protect children in Australia from online pornography. The UK will become the first country in the world to bring in age-verification for online pornography when the measures come into force on 15 July 2019. We believe Australian children deserve the same robust child protection measures.

We are asking supporters and the broader Australian community to contact each of their candidates to find out where they stand on this issue. The following links and information will assist you in putting this issue front and centre:

  1. A fact page on age-verification to provide to political candidates
  2. Background information for contacting political candidates, including the do's and don'ts of how to maximise your impact
  3. Pressing Questions you can ask political candidates, including information on the current laws and shortfalls.
  4. Guidance for contacting candidates that represent each of the political parties.
  5. A sample letter to send to sitting political candidates
  6. 10 Facts about porn, kids & AV to provide to political candidates

The 10 Facts about porn, kids & AV are downloadable as a PDF and available as graphics to share on Social Media and send to your family and friends to create awareness.

Thank you for standing with us to see age-verification implemented. If you haven't yet done so, we invite you to join the eChildhood movement. Their Future. Your Voice.


For those seeking an overview of the current digital landscape, please click through to our status update of initiatives in Australia to address pornography harms to children.

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